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Question about leadership in Venture Crew. In the BSA troop structure, an individual over the age of 18 is considered an adult, and cannot share the same sleeping arangments (meaning the same room, cabin, etc) with an individual under 18.

But it seems like in Venturing anyone under 21 in still considered a youth. In venturing can someone over 21 sleep in the same room (cabin) with someone under 21. Same question with over 18 / under 18 in venture crew.



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AFAIK, 18 is NOT a dividing line within Venturing for anything, including housing. Its 21.



Now, in the OA, where you are a youth until 21, the 18 dividing line DOES cause a problem with housing. At NOACs we have to deal with 4 groups: under 18 boys, 18-21 boys, adult male (21 and older) and adult females.

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