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I'm saving my pennies so to one day contribute to a James West Fellowship. I just haven't decided whether to donate to the council I serve presently or the one in which I had so much fun being in as a kid for eight years.


Having experienced several parents moan and complain about charging $15 for a camporee or paying $31 for a Scout shirt for their son (less than the carton of Marlboros they buy weekly), I sort of have a feel for folks who would be critical of the endowment concept.


BUT, a person doesn't have to put the full $1000 in. Donate what you can. If all the adult leaders in BSA donated to the West Fellowship leading to an explosion in endowment funds, the Scouting Program could run on earned interest. Battle over. Interest income. The flamers and godless heathens would have to find another target for their ire, cause we wouldn't have to worry about whether we met United Way's new resolutions, cause we're fully funded.


Put the knot in a drawer if you wish to, but save the money or write the checks.

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While I'm real big on endowment funds and I'm pleased to say that our Council has a very healthy one, which is on the receiving end of many big ticket fund raising events. A golf outing last week brought in a little over $110K.

Still with am annual budget of over 1.2 Million I can never see the day when we will be able to "Live off" the interest.

While the donation of $1,000.00 is a really nice thing to do, we still need to donate to the FOS and do what we can to support the Council today. Faced with the ever raising cost of health insurance, Workman's comp. Insurance and just the everyday cost of opening the doors of the Service Center. The income from popcorn and FOS is needed more then ever.


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