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Scouting opens doors

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Well, I've got one.....last year my son attended Transition Camp. His patrol's "Scoutmaster" for the week was a great kid named Gator. What a great leader and he was really great with the boys. He had to leave camp a day early but left the boys a long letter about how much he enjoyed them and how they were his favorite troop and how he knows they'll become fine young men one day. (He made all of the moms cry)


Anyway, getting back to subject, at camp this summer I asked about Gator and the Camp Comissioner said he was now a firefighter but still was involved with scouts in his time off. Nineteen years old and a firefighter! Hard to do here in Southern California these days. This kid has a great career now. And- the Commissioner said his Eagle Rank helped to get him his job. I believe it - Scouting opens many doors.

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While a freshman in college I worked part time in the ROTC department. I had applied for a three year scholarship and needed referances.


At the time, I was also the National Aviation Exploring Chairman and my adult volunteer conterpart was a 3 star general. I had asked him for a letter of referance.


Imagine my suprise when opening the office mail and there was a letter from the General. I brought it to my Colonel right away so I could see his face when he read it.


I received the scholarship and spent 15 years in the service and I'm still involved in scouting because of the Positive Youth Experiance (PYE) I had.


As a side bar, my professional counterpart was out of the national office. I just returned from Philmont training center and quess who my instructor was? Hadn't seen him in 18 years.

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