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Here's the deal -- no on here is really too worried about the committee minutes. But that strikes me as a pretty minor point. What's the real issue?


Yeah, if one of my guys is held up on and EBOR for six months, I'm up somebody's fanny with both 13EEEs. But that's not something which would even be discussed at a district committee meeting anyway -- at least not here in our district. Here, the district the district advancement chairman arranges the EBORs. If I can't get a EBOR scheduled, I'm calling the Council AC. No response there and I'm on the phone with the advancement team at national.


Other than the EBOR issue, and that it doesn't sound like you exchange Christmas cards with district committee, how are district operations affecting your unit?


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Go to national? Been there, done that. Get refered down the line to the very people that are ignoring the council bylays and national guidelines.


Who does the distric advancement committee report to?


Because the District committee is not carrying out an effective membership program, My troop has boys from 4 school districts. Some of the boys must travel over 40 miles just to attend scout meetings. Each of the 4 districts use to have 1 or more Scout Troops. (One district had up to 7 Units!)


Unite Service. What is that?

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What do you need a membership committee for? I don't think I've ever interfaced with one that did anything that really mattered to our troop.


We've found most recruitment works best at the unit level.


Honestly, my district works ok, and we do a few things with district-level folks, but if the district disappeared tomorrow, it would barely be noticeable to the troop.


Unless they are actively coming to you and screwing up your program, I don't see why you'd need to be so negative towards them. You seem to be expecting them to do something for you. They are just volunteers like you.

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Then file a formal appeal on behalf of the boys whose EBOR was delayed. My experience is the job of the folks who answer the phone in the advancement team office is to weed out the folks who only want to gripe. The one time I've called, my reception was about the same as yours. My belief is they respond to written letters with backup documentation. I would send a letter outlining the process the Scout has been through and attach dated copies of his Eagle app and any correspondence between the you, the scout and the district. If you have a clean Eagle app dated November or December 2011 and as of yet no EBOR, that's prima facia evidence of a problem somewhere.


Have you or the Scouts been given any reason for the delay?


To answer your question, the district advancement chairman is a member of the council advancement committee and reports to the council advancement chairman. The council folks are the ones with the real power/responsibility for advancement in terms of making sure policy is followed. The council advancement committee reports to the VP for Program who is a member of the executive board and reports to the council president.


There are a couple guys on the boards here who are in councils/districts that simply suck. Perhaps that's your situation. One option is to have your COR write the council president and list the ways in which the council is in violation of the charter agreement. Send copies to everyone you can think of, but especially your regional director.


Unfortunately, the bottom line is "the district" is a bunch of volunteers who will either do a good job or not. If the membership chairman is in name only, unless you are up the food chain and in a position to replace him or williing to do the job yourself, you don't have a lot of options.


Going back to my original response, most of the folks in sucky districts just forget dealing with the district or council and run their unit programs the best they can. The time, energy and effort you're putting into trying to fix the district or to get them to to their job is better spent focused on your on unit.


Basement, Abel, you guys got any insight here?

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I was a member at larg of the distric committee for years. I did what I was asked to do because I did not know any better. Then the problems started affecting my boys. I started reading the by-laws and national guidelines. I started to ask questions. I setup a program to train the CORs. I started getting results. Recharter time came and some of the Unit personal changed. I asked for the up-dated information so that I could continue the training. I received no information. I have been removed from the district committee and labiled a truble maker?

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