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Annual reports & financial statements

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Are councils required to publish annual reports with financial statements? Are these generally available to the public?


Before giving to my local Friends of Scouting campaign, I'd like to see where my money is going. I've asked my unit commissioner and FOS chair but no one know if such a thing exists.

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Most Councils publish an annual report with financial statements. Perhaps that information is posted on your Council's web site.


I'd recommend calling or sending an e-mail to your Scout Executive, or Council Director of Finance, asking for an Annual Report.


Even if your Council does not publish its financials, that information is reported, usually in great detail, to the Council Executive Board. Contact the Board President or Treasurer. Since your District Chair is a member of the Board, they should be able to get you the information.


Absent an annual report, your Council must file an annual return with the IRS (Form 990). Recent 990s can be examined on-line:




Good luck in your quest.


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Some councils to hide the true numbers from volunteers will just publish statistics and percentages. Others who have made quality council and finished in the black will publish budget allocations and overall goals.


Audits of the books are done after a change in Scout Executive. If you're friendly with the council finance VP, they may show you what's been going on paper.

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Make friends with a savvy commissioner (choose one wisely)...ask your district finance chairman for the latest finance report handed out at quarterly executive meetings (some of these are open to all members but your CR is a voting member and entitled to all this stuff..

You can research your councils IRS form 990 on variouse websites


http://www.npccny.org/Form_990/990.htm (How to read form 990"


http://foundationcenter.org/findfunders/990finder/ (search for your council by its corporate name)


There a many ways to get financial data (and be useful at the same time) including joining your unit, district or council finance committees and if you experience roadblocks or suspect your being "handled" go have a chat with your CR(COR) and bring along that savvy commissioner...


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