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"... the cycle is complete..."

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So while off at Camp the Council had a Combined Council Committee Meeting. At it quite a few staff changes were ammounced, we are losing the District I serve Executive. The replacement is a young lady who was a charter member of the Venturing Crew I helped form. I was the one who helped her get her first BSA job at summercamp and now she is the DE I will serve under. She has been a DE in the COuncil for about 2 years and for the past 9 months or so the Venturing Support person. She was the Venturing President of the Northeast Region a few years back. I was writing her an e-mail asking her to do something, when it struck me, as a youth she would ask when can we go to Gettysburg, When can we go Backpacking, etc. and I would tell her, hey kid, its your program, you plan it and get back to me and we will make it happen together. So, now, its a volunteer program, I have to plan it and then she will help me make it happen.


This role reversal stuff exhibits a vacuum(This message has been edited by oldgreyeagle)

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