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World sensitive jamboree

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Ok guys. save it.


Unless you were actually there, you have no right to criticize what was undoubtedly the most significant scouting experience for everyone there. The food (which was all fine) was the least concern on the minds of everyone there. The article is sctually incorrect. Different food choices were provided for troops with different needs (vegeterian, vegan, no pork, no beef, etc.) I find it hard to believe that anyone there with me would have said "I was really disappointed we couldn't have what we liked to eat."


What the article is discussing in a horrible light is the one-night Sunrise ceremony on Brownsea Island. 2 scouts from every country with an NSO were invited. I think everyone can put up with one dinner they don't like in the spirit of scouting.

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The story is much to do about nothing.


Yeah Brownsea Island could have been handled differently. Instead of banning certain foods they could used the experience as a cultural lesson that teaches tolerance and respect of others cultural/customs. There were some aspects of Jambo that were on the PC side. But like anything in life its what you make of it. Attitude is everything.


The food was fine. Personally I would have liked to have chorizo and eggs with tortillas for breakfast but believe me 10,20,30,40 years from now the last thing the participants will remember would be the food. OK maybe the snack food from Sainsbury's.


The overall experience was incredible. One that that the youth will not fully appreciate until later on in life.


When I say Jambo you say Hello! See you in Sweden 2011!



Troop 418

Western Region


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