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Why I do what I do.

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The aunt/guardian of one of my Daisies told me a story of what the little girl said the other day. She said the girls little brother was having trouble opening the car door one day, she said the girl got out, went around and opened the door for him. The aunt told her she didn't have to do that, that she (the aunt) would have gotten it, the girl told her "I'm a Girl Scout and we are supposed to help others". Sniff-sniff.

This is coming from a little girl whose mother abandoned her and her two brothers and is now being raised by her aunt and uncle. Her aunt says she has really has blossomed and thanked me for being so good to her. Sniff-sniff.

Makes me feel bad for whining about having to do another meeting week after week. Shame on me.

You never know how we impact others lives. Make it a good one!



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