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My daughter troop is going through some rough times. The council is performing an audit of all of the books. Between the two leaders they run 4 troops and several interests groups. They have been leaders for years now and are very good. They have had problems with the neighborhood chair (also a parent in the troop). Today we got a message that the council wants to meet with all of the parents next week when they go over the books. The leaders have stated that they are tired of being harassed by the paid staff and that they will no longer continue and that the troop is dissolved.


I thought that the GS troops were "owned" by the council and if so how can the leaders dissolve the troop? If this is the case isn't the council/neighborhood responsible for leadership?


I want to make sure I understand how all of this works before the meeting next week, I like to go in prepared :)




Unit Commissioner

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The GS leaders are volunteers just like in CS & BS. If the leaders quit then then there are two choices: (1) another parent steps up to become the leaders, or (2) the troop is dissolved.


Choice #2 happened with my daughter's first troop. The leader moved to Detroit so the troop disolved. Luckily my daughter moved to another troop that is much more active and "outdoors-involved", as opposed to focusing on makeup and more "girlie" stuff.


About the audit, I do think that is one of those necessary not-so-fun things associated with any organization - volunteer or not. I would think it to be irresposible for an adult to refuse to show the council the financial records. If troop members are giving the troop leader money then she/he has a responsiblity to track that money to be able to prove it is all on the up-and-up. This protects both the troop members and the leader.

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Yes, GS Troops are owned by the council, but without someone to step up as leader the Troop would fold. It would be nice if the Neighborhood Chair would work with the council rep to talk two of the parents into taking over, unfortunately it does not always work that way. However, in your case, you would think she would have a vested interest having a daughter in the Troop.


What has me confused is the audit. With the upcoming mergers, I can see councils auditing their books in preparation. What is confusing me is why they would audit the books of every Troop & Group in the council. That would be an ENORMOUS, & messy job. Every Troop & Group is required to submit a financial report at the end of each year, complete with copies of receipts. Is this audit in lieu of/in addition to, this year's financial report? Why the parent meeting along with the audit, and why are the leaders so upset? True, the audit is strange & inconvenient, but they should have all of their receipts & stuff from the year & since it is May, they should even have the end of year financial report ready.


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