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Yes, there are Girl Scouts here :)

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Sometimes it looks as if there aren't any of us around, but if you open the GS forum, and select "show all topics posted in the last year" we can keep some of these good conversations going, ok? I'll try to pop in more regularly as well.

Just an update: The Junior troop I started last year has finally hit its stride though still not as strong in numbers as I would like. We lost some of our more difficult members over the summer to out of state moves, leaving us with a troop mostly composed of girls who bridged up from the Brownie troop I had founded 5 years ago. This troop continues to bridge girls to our troop, and we are seeing really good results! We've now got that critical mass of girls who believe in the real fun of scouting so it's rubbing off on the new girls that join us. We also continue to be IMHO the coolest funnest and most diverse group of girls in Scouting.

For the first time in decades, our service unit has a troop attending the council-wide traditional encampment - Prairie Flower - and - it's our troop :)

We have two full patrols attending. Last night one patrol decided to boost their menu by adding sweet potato pie - I'm seeing an awesome entry in the camp Cook-off - wish us luck and fair weather!


Anne in Mpls

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