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Broken Arrow Ceremony

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Be as respectful and prepared as you can be. If your part includes pronouncing the name of the honoree, make sure you know how to say the name correctly.


I saw this ceremony a few months ago when a long time Scouter and friend passed away. It was very moving. The family will appreciate your effort.

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My grandfather had a broken arrow ceremony preformed and we did one just last year for an arrowman that has gone home. Just some things to think about or ask your group...


1. Did they confirm the arrow they are using? - Both people we have done it for had arrows specified. My grandfather had his from his Ordeal. The other, an arrow from his regalia as a boy.


2. Does the family want a part in the ceremony? - For one, the family wanted to pass the arrow to the characters, in my grandfathers ceremony, they brought it out with them.


Just a couple things to think about.


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The ceremony is one of the password protected pages. No dice.


I'd like to know also. My troop has as our AC a Vigil member who has asked the troop to be a part of his final honors. He suffered a significant fall and head injury last year and now he is planning ahead. I would hate to disappoint his memory when the time does come.



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