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Adult OA Recommendation Form

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I would like to ask for some assistance please. We held our OA elcections and three boys were elected. We also have one adult who the troop committee has nominated. I have been asked to fill out the form for the adult candidate. I have never done this before. I am at a loss as to what to put down under the 4 areas that ask to decribe her abilities. I am not in the OA, so am trying to figure out what the OA is looking for. The candidate is our committee chairman.


For number one, are they asking for what skills she has or more what she is willing to do for the OA? i.e., she can handle power tools, build and contruct. She can sew - make costumes for example and is a hard worker. She can lead, give advise or follow. She always pitches in to help. Drives boys to events whenever necessary (which is most of the time). She comes to every troop meeting.


For number two, she has been a teacher and organizer both within boyscouts and out. She has also taught and led drama groups, so could possibly help out with the ceremony teams i.e. practices and such as well as transportation. Does that answer the question?


For number three - I have that covevrerd :)


For number four, Should this be about her character and moral standing? I know she is 100 % behind boyscouts and adheres to and supports BSA policy. She is honest and fair and willing to advise (guide) if asked.(This message has been edited by Aidan7)

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Understand that adults are nominated to the OA not as an honor, but for what they can contribute to the Order. Why does the OA need this lady? It could be as something as mundane as she's willing to drive the brothers from your troop to OA functions.

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Thank you for your time and response. It just seems that what you said could be summed up in one answer yet there are 3 questions (not counting the one about camping fullfilment) so it seemed that they were looking for more or even specifics.


Just want to fill it in correctly so they can make an infomred decision on this nominee.

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Provide as much information as possible. Each lodge does things a little differently, and have different procedures. One lodge I was in wanted a lot of details, and I advised all units to fill out the form as completely as possible. Heck even add sheets if necessary.


And then one lodge had the chapter advisers approve the adults, so if you were a known scouter, an incomplete form may still be approved.


But I strongly recommend filling it out as completely as possible, making sure to put that all areas she may be able to help with.


PM me if need be.

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