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How to Keep Arrowmen Involved

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One of the top reasons given by our older Arrowmen, when asked about inactivity, is "too many little kids." I can't argue with that.


I was a third-year Scout when I was tapped out in '70, and OA was for older Scouts. Nowadays it seems some units simply trade the Webelos cap for an OA sash. Fifteen nights of camping takes about five months counting summer camp, and most motivated first-year Scouts attain First Class before their second summer camp.


So, they're qualified for OA, but are they mature enough? Most are quite capable campers and even proficient back-packers, no argument there, but we all know the difference one more year would make toward maturity. We know it, and so do my older Arrowmen.


IMHO, we should move the rank requirement back to Star and/or the age to 14.


Quantity won out over quality, and both have suffered.

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This idea of witholding lodge flaps, etc. is disheartening to me. Look in your OA handbook. Near the front is the purpose of the OA. The first part reads:


To recognize those campers - Scouts and Scouters - who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives and by such recognition cause other campers to conduct themselves in such manner as to warrant recognition.


It behooves us not to forget that(This message has been edited by SWScouter)

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I agree, but the youth in our lodge have voted repeatedly for it. When national came out with the new guidelines on flaps, I was surprised that they forbid the individual honors, but only discouraged restrictions.


I will say this, the the topic of new flaps did come up at our LLD this month, and when it was reiterated that the new flaps would NOT have individual honors, the ECM decided to table new flaps. Also no one put a motion to remove the restrictions on the flap either. Lots of upset youth arrowmen on the individual honors flap,and I thinkthis affected the decision on the removal of restrictions on our lodge flap.

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