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I have been heard to say that the only dumb question is the one that you didn't ask.

Your question merits two answers.

There is what is happening and there is what ought to be happening.

Sad to say many Scouts opt to wear a Scout shirt along with the sash with blue jeans and maybe think that they are in uniform.

This is not how it ought to be.

While not wearing a uniform is ok. Wearing parts of it is really a no no.

Yes this is coming from someone who knows better, but at times does not wear uniform socks!!

Many of our members will have 101 reasons for not wearing the full uniform. However to my mind these are not reasons they are excuses.

Still as long as leaders allow this to happen and many do the same thing I suppose it is something that we have to live with.

If the occassion or event calls for wearing a uniform it ought to be the full uniform.

I don't have a problem with not wearing a uniform. I do have a problem with this partial "uniform."

My view is that it's like being pregnant. You are either in uniform or your not. There is no half way.


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It would be appropriate to wear Scout shirt, Scout shorts or pants, Scouting belt of choice, Scout socks, shoes or boots, neckwear of choice (if any), and headgear of choice (if any, and if appropriate for the location). Now depending on local custom it might be better to wear a chapter or lodge T-shirt to the chapter meeting. Also, many chapters and lodges have some sort of identifying totem they use, such as a special necklace for beads, and it would be appropriate to wear that to such a meeting. My experience has been that people at OA functions usually are some of the better uniformed Scouts. {*} So there is really nothing that would be innapropriate, other than wearing the merit badge sash with the OA sash. Oh, and it would probably be overkill to wear actual medals.


All of that being said, it is far more important that you show up to the meeting wearing something, than not show up. OA, like so much of Scouting, is boy run. Without the boys, it doesn't run.


OK, the former Lodge Chief is surrendering the floor.



*(Also, there is often a dispraportionately high number of uniform police in some areas, though around here OA members are more likely to take amusing liberties [souther drawl interpreter strips and the like] with the uniform than try to police it.)(This message has been edited by Proud Eagle)

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