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We are a pack located overseas in Germany, and we have to deal with many regulations from the military about when and what we can do for fundraisers. As the military has started its drawdown, our numbers have become smaller and smaller. As it is, our council already works with a skeleton staff, but the teritory covered by this council is much larger than any stateside council. They cover England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and I think one or two other countries. This puts an enormous burden on our families not only to support the pack, but the council with FOS.


I would appreciate any fundraising ideas that anybody might have. We do not sell popcorn as it apparently was a huge logistical nightmare, and expensive getting it shipped overseas was costly and it usually got misdirected. We have Bowl-a-Thons, & sell christmas trees. I have seen several very good ideas in this forum, and am hoping for more.


Thanks in advance!



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In the past our troop has had a lot of success with "events" rather than "things." (though I'm not wild about some of them, myself)


One particularly successful one has been a jeopardy-style "trivia night" where people pay to play. You can set them up in teams (we do tables of 4) or I suppose do this individually. We gave small prizes to winning teams. People seem to like them because they're fun, social, mildly competitive, etc..


We've done road rallies - sort of like scavenger hunts with wheels - that have been quite successful too but with the price of gas these days these are more problematic. And besides, there is really very little opportunity for scouts themselves to be involved in these, as they can't drive. (You can probably tell, I really don't care much for this one - but it has been an excellent fundraiser for the troop).


Are there opportunities for you to sell water or soda, or to perform services for a fee (clean up the city park after local festivals, etc.)?




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I am from a small Pack in England and coming up with fundraisers has always been an issue.. One that we have considered is a car wash. We also relay quite heavily on our Bowl A Thon. Will keep an eye on this heading as it's a frustrating issue for our pack as well.


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