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United Way decreases funding

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I received a letter from our Council regarding United Way funding in our county. They have reduced our funding by 63% with no real reason given except that donations are down. They will give us 25,000 instead of 68,839. Obviously this is a major hit to our district, and they are asking us to call UW and let them know how we feel about it and also for us to help them reduce cost or help make up the difference. If you would like to help us encourage UW to increase the funding their email is www.unitedwaygrayson.org and phone 903-893-1920.



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Sdriddle, just be happy that you're still getting anything. Not sure where you are in in Texas, but the United Way Capital Area chapter no longer provides funding to the Boy Scouts of America because of "our rules on membership and volunteer leadership". People can still donate to the BSA through United Way if they specifically designate (via write-in) BSA on their United Way pledge form. So ONLY the amount that United Way donors specifically designate on a pledge card, minus the 13.7% administrative fee, is given to our council. I'm not sure how successful that is. I'm just happy that we don't have the heavy-handed sales people from United Way here at my work trying to guilt me into making donations to an agency (UW) that I do not respect (for reasons beyond their refusal to support BSA).

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