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To the esteemed DedicatedDad

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On the "Open Discussion" board there was a thread on "Earrings" that was turning decidedly "Issues and Politics" like, so I am continuing part of it over here.


DedicatedDad and I were having a back-and-forth about the implications of various adornments, such as earrings, long hair etc. on Scouts, and whether those things were matters of values, style, etc. I opined that they are matters of style and do not reflect values or lack of values one way or another, unless a true extreme (which I would define as being contrary to physical health) is reached.


However, just when it was DedicatedDad's turn to answer one of my questions, he stopped answering. No answer for 2 and a half days. I have seen him post elsewhere since then so I assume nothing is wrong there in DedicatedDad-land. In fact, it was just yesterday that he accused me, in another thread, of promoting pedophilia. Weekender was much more polite, he only accused me of having a "perverse lifestyle."


But anyway, DedicatedDad, here was my last question, which by the way, you specifically said you'd be happy to answer after I answered yours, which I did.


So now, DedicatedDad, it's definitely your turn. I want to know if you think long hair, green hair (our hypothetical Scout got a new dye job), earrings, makeup, shaved head, beard and mustache, are immoral. And don't forget about our Founding Fathers and their long hair. Were they immoral due to their chosen appearance?


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Oh. Duh. It says "Inactive Account." I get it.


Alright then, hold that thought. I had this great point all ready to make, but it's not fair to keep debating with someone who isn't "here" to respond.

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