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Ok... just finished the first weekend of my Wood Badge course and had a BLAST. My patrol struggled a little with a good Buffalo cheer/yell. Part of it is that Buffaloes roam and grunt for a natural sound. We ended up landing in Ta-Tonka (from Dancing with Wolves) but it just doesn't seem right. I am tasked with coming up with some other alternates before the second weekend.


Does anyone have any suggestions? sources of historic yells? Past experience?




Thanks. Brian

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Our patrol yell was also "Ta-Tonka!" We also put our fingers up to our heads like horns. I made many good friends with whom I still maintain close contact. Our course was nearly 3 years ago, and we still greet one another with "ta-tonka!" before we shake hands or hug. It is as familiar to me as a warm, well fitting glove.


I am pleased to see that others have made the same connection we did. When you disect it, and really look at the meaning, I cannot think of a more perfect patrol yell; after all, "ta-tonka" is Sioux for "buffalo."

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I just got back from staffing weekend 1 of our council course and what the Buffalo patrol came up with was "Yaba Daba Doo!" in honor of Fred Flintstone being a member of the Order of Water Buffalo. At the last course they used Tatonka.

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My patrol was the "Blazing White Buffalos" and for our yell we did the horns up from the Buffalo Dance - chh, chh, then a loud "B-W-B!!!!" We also performed the Buffalo Dance several times throughout the course.


One of my patrol mates found a great painting of a white buffalo standing in the snow with his breath steaming out and we put that onto the backs of our course t-shirts using an iron-on decal. I had a graphic designer friend overlay our individual totems in the lower right corner. The staff thought that was pretty cool.


We also cut out our totem on synth-board and hung it in our patrol kitchen area.


The Bobwhite Patrol made really cool hiking staffs and presented one to our SPL who was a good ol' Bobwhite too.


John Collins


Pack 13

Shenandoah Area Council


I used to be a Buffalo, and a good ol' Buffalo too...


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