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I was looking on the National BSA website and they mention something called Unit Leadership Enhancements, now these are "little" classes that Pack Trainers can give to adults at say the committee meetings and such. I was wondering, has anyone ever done one of these and if so where did you get your syllibus from? The web site has no links to these as they do for other training classes.



Scott Truax

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The Boy Scout Division has developed full blown supplemental, 1-1.5 hour sessions that they have posted online.


The Cub Scout Division hasn't followed that pattern. The Unit Leadership Enhancements are in Chapter 28 of the Cub Scout Leader Book. These are intended to be about 20 minutes long, so they are not quite as formal as the Boy Scout sessions.


I would like to see something like the Boy Scout classes available. In some ways, Cubcast covers some topics, but it lacks a visual element that some learners would find useful.


Maybe when the training task force finally finishes the new Cub Scout Leader syllabus, they could attempt some of these.

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