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Wow, what great time! Eleven of my twelve boys came, along with bothers, sisters and assorted friends that have been a part of some of the things we do. The ceremony was great, I shared it with fellow Scouter (who was very happy to have someone to share it with!). Unknown to me, the parents conspired with the MC to write a little tune and have the boys sing it. It was great, I cried. Here is the text, of course the tune is Home on the Range, and a little poetic license needs to be applied;


Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam

Wearing glasses, a beard and a grin

Where boy scouts have fun

Eating eggs on a bun

UH OH, here comes that cobbler again!


Home, home on the range

Where Mister Fotos the best

We hike, camp and swim

the rain does not bother him

and the memories top all the rest!


Oh, give us a den where our leader does roam

Where his knowledge is shared now and then

Where seldom is heard a harsh or angry word

And we dont ever want it to end.


Home, home on the range

Where our thanks are for all that you do

Where were happy to say

Were all here for you today

And we appreciate all that you do.


I think they all went to a local watering hole to write the song....without me! Ummmmm.


After the song, it was my (our) turn, I wrote a little text thanking the boys for allowing us to be a part of their growing up experience, and allowing us to be a prot of it, then presented the boys with their own bead. Actually they were turks head slides that I made. Then I looked up and realized that I had made a tear jerker, the women were all out there balling.


The MC linked the beads we had just given the boys to leaving a legacy (more on that in another thread), and we finshed with the traditional rounds of the Gilwell song. Thankfully I didnt have do a solo.


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