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I have an older syllabus covering this topic, which I am presenting at an upcoming Univ. of Scouting but I would welcome your thoughts on this.


What things would you suggest as being "Advanced" leadership. I only have 40 minutes, so on paper goes the many different ways of: recruiting staff, organization, jobs and communication, as well as quality displays, varying presentation techniques.etc.

What aspects/traits of a good leader, either yourself or one you admire, are things to be emulated.


Tx in Advance


Used to be an owl

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Guess I should at least make the appearance of reading the post. I apologize for the confusion.


Concerning Advanced Leadership techniques, mostly for Round table, but applicable to commissioners. What trait/technique would you recommend to share with leaders. (Looking for specific examples, not the four different styles of leadership here)

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Been a long week. The little gray cells are not up to snuff.

I still don't understand what you are looking for. What is Advanced Leadership?

Are we talking Ken Blanchard? Or are we looking at the Trainer Development Conference?


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Gotta go with eamonn. The leadership skills stays constant no matter what the task. The leadership skills I use in the unit are the same ones I use at roundtable, work and home. I do not get what you are after. What are learning objectives you want to accomplish?

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I'll take a stab at what I think JB is getting at. One technique that I think is advanced leadership is listening to determine what the real problem or objection is.


Some call it cutting to the chase.


For example, I'm new to the district as Senior D.E. Got an email from a Cubmaster (we're rechartering in March) saying that his pack is dead and won't recharter. He's down to 5 boys. Three of the 5 are Webelos and are moving out next month to a troop. No one will help him, parents can't be bothered, the charter organization doesn't care etc.


The district commissioner and myself met with him and suggested several things we can do to help the pack recharter and help it grow. The Cubmaster bashed down every idea we had.


I figured out what the problem is -- this guy no longer wants to continue and has very probably scared away anyone who was interested in helping the program. I've seen it time and again.


He's never met the pastor of the church which charters the pack. I talked to the pastor on the phone and meet with her tomorrow. She's very interested in doing spring recruiting and re-building the leadership base. I'm looking forward to helping increase her understanding of who gets to approve the leadership and helping her understand how the pack can grow.


The district volunteer's instinct seemed to take the CM's messages on the face-level. It looked like he wants help. I don't think he wants help . . . I think he wants a parachute and I want to give him one. He has no kids in the program and only volunteered to help his old buddy the former Cubmaster, who left with his son for a troop last May.



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