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Here are some other sources.


in a search engine type in flying pig songbook and also camp hinds songbook great scouting stuff there


also try my own powwow books (shameless plug here) www.cnjcpowwow.org it will be up until 3/03 and all material is in pdf format


Bring a bucket as a prop the next time you introduce the song.

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A bucket! One of my favorite campfire sketches is "There's a hole in the bucket". Participants can really ham it up.


Laura lots of great guitar resources. For a wide variety of 60's 70's, folk and folkish (John Denver, Dan Fogelberg, Eagles) try: www.olga.net You might also look for OAK publications which specializes in traditional, bluegrass and folk. I also like to hit the thrift stores for discarded school music books and sheet music.


Something you might consider is the ukelele. Seriously! I found that if I bring out the uke the kids really are curious. It's easy to learn too. If anyone is interested check out www.fleamarketmusic.com



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