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I am a Webelos 1 ADL and my son well a Webelos1 . I want to start getting all backpacking/camping gear together for him aside from the ole' family tent . What tens and packs would you suggest that he could keep and crossover into Boy Scouts with . I know some packs and troops all have the same tent . Not here as of now we have 3 in the troop but a large pack and we are trying to build the troop . any help would be great .




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Welcome to the forum!


One thing to consider is that backpacks need to fit properly in order to be usable. If your son is growing (safe assumption) he may outgrow any pack you buy him now before he gets to boy scouts. My suggestion would be to wait until there is a backpacking trip in the near future before investing in a backpack, and then get one with an adjustable frame that will grow with him. In the meantime, a decent duffelbag should handle his gear for car camping just fine.


If you have a full service outdoor store, such as REI, near you they will be able to measure and fit a backpack for him. They may charge a few bucks, but it's probably worth it.


A good company to look at is alps mountaineering (www.alpsmountaineering.com) good quality gear with great discounts for scouts and scouters through their scout direct program (www.scoutdirect.com).


Good luck to you and your son.





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Not sure what type gear you are refering too? With that I will say that things like, mess kits, water bottle, lights, first aid kit,etc.. those things will be used in both.


My son is also Webelos and have a day pack with all his hiking gear in it, which he will take with him.

Agree with the Backpack comment they could out grow it and also we have some troops that don't BACKPACK alot but does more day hiking.


Lot depends on your style of camping, what you can afford.

Do you camp in cold weather? Sleeping bag for that?


Best to you both,


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You can also go visit the Camping and High Adventure page in these forums, where there probably have been questions posed like this one (I recall vigorous analysis of the pros and cons of the Alps tents, for example), or you can pose it anew.

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Some outdoor stores will rent you a pack/other gear for a weekend, usually for a reasonable price. This is a good way to try out a couple of different styles or brands without breaking the bank.


In fact, my son bought his pack this way - he rented one and when he went to take it back, they told him they were getting rid of some of their rental stock and did he just want to keep it for the cost of the rental. Was a good deal!


The other thing I recall from when he was just starting out is that a lot of folks recommended external frame packs for the smaller guys. I think the idea was that it is easier to adjust as the kid grows. Others here can probably comment more on that. Check the "equipment reviews & discussion" in the Camping & High Adventure part of this forum, too. Lots of helpful info in there.


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