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We have a miscellaneous assortment of what was on sale, and haven't broken anything yet, but it's only been a few items.


Down here, the more mesh the tent has the better. The skeeters are usually too bad to go tent-less, although if I could figure out how to secure the mosquito netting that might work.


The biggest dilemma is whether to risk putting the tent under a tree. The shade is almost always desirable - but falling limbs are obviously not. South Texas trees are not tall, and wind gusts to 40 mph are not unusual if you're camping near the coast.


Last summer we decided to chance it after careful examination of the trees in question. Worked great, except for the night the bird roosted directly over my face.


How do y'all call it? Tree or no tree?

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I vote for Eureka. Just got back from a month in France on bikes with my wife and three teenagers, camping with a Eureka Outfitter 4 in a very wet summer. Absolutely bone dry, no problems, heavy duty floor lets you leave the ground cloth at home. It's expensive but so is a hotel in Paris when the wife rebels in a leaky tent.

Also used it in Pakistan 2 years ago, and in Kenya last year, but both places I hired a porter to carry it.

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We use the Eurekas and have had no problems with them up until this year the reason for that is we lent them to another group from our CO. and they weren't treated right.


We have had ours now for 3 years. The boys use them the adults use cabin tents and a Baker tent for the fact that we need to stand up to get dressed.

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