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Fly fishing is to other types of fishing, what Skeet shooting is to target shooting with a .22 rifle. The technique, equipment, preparation, habitat, are unique. The previous fishing merit badge did not account for the vast differences between the two activities. Much the same as Bugling is separated form Music MB, and swimming from lifesaving.



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Bob has put the answer very succintly (s). (Please pardon my spelling)


Most fishing (other than fly) can be done with very similar rods, the same line, and even use the identical rods and reels with differant types of lures and bait.


The fly fishing rod is very specific, with a unique line, lure, and method. Although I do use a technique called "fly on a bubble" with my spin cast rig, it is differant from true fly fishing.


As for why it came about, because the boys asked for it! I have volunteered to be one of the camp counselors to teach fly fishing at our council camp next year. I hope that it goes through! This year was the first year that fly fishing was taught at the camp, and there were more boys wanting it that the camp was capable of handling.


Paul Johnson


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