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Pack Treasury Issues

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The COR is my husband and he asked me to pull that piece together. The CC also asked that I followup on this because we are ALL NEW and there is no treasurer. We separated responsibilities trying to pull everything together.


The account was never brought to the CO and they have no clue about how much is there and do not have signing privs on the account(something I am going to correct fast).


This is in this thread because we can't decide on fundraising for the pack if we have no fund records or know how much is in the account. I do know someone who had the treasurer run off with the pack account funds. Never heard from them again. :(

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This could be a sticky (and unfortunate) situation. If the checking account was opened by the individual in their name only, the account belongs to them. You saying that the CO had no knowledge of the account is worrisome. They should have used the CO's EIN (tax ID number) to open the account (establishes ownership). If the ex-COR "hangs up" on you, you might have an embezzlement case. The IH (Institutional Head) should write a strong certified letter to the ex-COR demanding the turn over of the records, funds and signature authority.

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