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Blue & Gold 2009

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I'm on another scouting Yahoo group and someone had a suggestion for Blue & Gold 2009... here is a synopsis of her e-mail:


The theme for this year's Blue and Gold is American ABC's. As an

assistant cubmaster and with the help of the current cubmaster we

came up with an awesome idea but are unsure of how to reach scouts

across the nation. Our idea is to request postcards from dens,

packs, and troups about what is new with them for the year and have

them mailed to us in Plattsmouth. When we receive the post cards we

will send one out from out pack. The postcards will be then used as

our decorations for the Blue and Gold. Some ideas on the cards would

be activities they are doing or how they celebrate different



We thought of this as bringing scouts across the nation a little

closer in lue of everything that has happened in our council and to

let our boys know that there are more scouts than the ones that they

see on a regular basis.


If someone has some ideas on how to get the word out that would be

greatly appreciated.



Then another scouter on a similar board is doing somethign similar but (more along the flat stanley line) but is tying in a few loops to that project... and I though... why not COMBINE the two?


Here's his information:


am tying a ton of stuff to this project (geography belt loop and/or pin, any rank achievements/electives pertaining to geography, journal-keeping, writing correspondence, computer/Internet activities (including working towards the Internet Scout Patch), cooking (explanation to follow), kite making, etc.).


My boys have been told that they are to tell all your Packs about this part of FL (I've lived on the SE coast for approx 20 years & had no clue there was a part of FL like where I'm living now, just 60 miles West). We are trying to include Stanley in as many "area specific" activities as possible (some families are able to do more than others). The boys must include an area specific recipe (something with gator, swamp cabbage, etc.). They will be telling you about area people, industry, legends, etc.


In return, in addition to taking Stanley along with your Scouts, could you give us some insight into your specific area (especially if you live in a part of your state that might be a little different than what people normally think of when they think of your state)? Also, can you reciprocate with an area recipe?


Come B&G time, since this year's theme is about America, we will be incorporating this project into our B&G celebration. Minimally, the boys will be required to mark a large US map with the location of their "Pack Pen Pal" and they will be making whatever recipe you send, as part of our menu for the event. I'm hoping to get them to tell all the guests a little bit about what they learned about your area of the country.


I thought if I gave my boys about 3 weeks to take care of their part, we'd get the packages off to all of you with enough summer-time left to give you about 3 weeks (including time to repackage) with 2-3 weeks to spare before school (& regular meetings, for some) resume. We're meeting on July 8 to package everything up.


There are a few Packs that I don't have mailing addresses for. I will email those of you separately.




SO.. I created yet ANOTHER Yahoo group for the purpose of listing your pack information if you're interested in this project -- at least for the post cards... :) . :)


I wanted to let you guys know about it too... because it's such a fun idea!



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