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Wolf Den meeting ideas...

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I am assisting a Wolf Den leader with the weekly meetings. In looking at the program helps...honestly, they are a bit thin. In some instances the suggestions are just not appropriate. We have a number of boys that are ADHD and quite a handful and physical activities (involving contact between the scouts) almost always takes a turn for the worst, so we avoid that.


With the recent recall of the recognition totems, we tried doing "Dream Catchers" as interin totems as a den activity. It was a great idea and ties into the monthly theme nicely, but it was a bit of a fiasco.


Can you imagine 8 year olds trying to tie tiny knots and keep the strings from getting into a ball of knots? It put my patience level to a new high!


But seriously, the other Dad and I have been trying hard and are searching for solid activities for our den meetings other than simply working on just requirements and electives.


Many of the boys work hard at home on requirements and electives.


We are looking for some fresh ideas.


Help! Please =)

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Marbles(kids love Marbles)


Soda bottle water rockets


Make the ring toss game in the wolf book


make the paddle boats in the wolf book. Get 4 1X12 boards and some poly sheet and make a pond(if you live in Upstate NY like I do you might want to wait 'til May for this one


Alka selzer film can rockets(fuji film only)


Make a CD/balloon hover craft.


Play rag tag


in the pond out of the pond


Den leader sez


The wolf year is a fun year

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I'm not surprised you had trouble with the dream catchers - those aren't an easy craft.


Some other sources for craft/activity ideas:


The Cub Scout Leader How-To Book




Baloo's Bugle: http://usscouts.org/bbugle.asp


Scouting the Net:



Cub Roundtable: http://www.cubroundtable.com/


Get to know your boys. Program Helps are just a starting place. If a craft or activity doesn't seem like it will work, for you, PH is not written in stone. Substitute something else.


If your boys need more active stuff, then break up the sitting down times. Use "activity stations" to split the boys into smaller, more managable groups. If a craft is too complicated, but you want to do it anyway, don't try and do it all in one meeting - spread it over two or three.


The important thing is to have a plan, written down, with all your materials prepared. Have a plan B to pull out of your pocket if A isn't working.




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I couldn't agree with infoscouter more.


Plan, Plan, Plan!


If necessary, use a Den Planning Sheet to organize the den meeting.


I ran across this from USSSP



It has a ton of good tips, advise, and ideas for den meetings.


Remember to PLAN


This little saying, although a clich, is true: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."


Eagle Pete

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