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2006 Cub Scout Leader Book Comparison

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Getting the new 2006 Cub Scout Leader Book (CSLB) printing with the

yellow cover, my first question was "So, what changed?" Unable to find

an answer, I did a page-by-page comparison of the new version with the

2005 printing (blue cover) for major changes. The results are posted on our District web site at:




Please let me know if you find any corrections to the file.


Mike Reep

Patriot District Cub Scout Training Chair

National Capital Area Council

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Thanks for the comparison. While I picked up the 2006 edition after starting with the 2005, I hadn't really checked much beyond the Tiger section to see the differences. This is very helpful.


Hope you guys miss the freezing rain.


John Collins

Tiger Den Leader

Pack 13

Potomac District

Shenandoah Area Council

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