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Belt Loops Being Given Away at Day Camp

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Cub Scout Sports for Camp Only


Shooting Sports for Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, and Parents in Camp, No. 13-550, has been developed for those who will give guidance to Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts in learning BB-gun and archery shooting-sports skills while in camp.


The BB Gun safety and shooting participation belt loop and pin can only be awarded with approval of the camp BB-gun shooting-sports director to Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts who earn them at a BSA facility range.

Belt Loop


Complete these two requirements:


1. Complete the camp basic BB gun marksmanship safety course.

2. Fire 15 shots at a 4-inch or 5-inch target. No particular score is required. Participant must be able to adjust the BB gun sight.




cut and pasted from the above web site more specific info in my last post is in the training guide for the cub scout shooting sports director syllabus. Which is what I ran out to my truck to get. Thru with daycamp today all earned bb-gun and archery Belt loop most earned NRA junior shooting patch. Several other belt loops were in each boys packet. Probably fishing put on by the state fish and game commission and a sport one as they go to a daily sport session too. Believe me setting up an approved temporary range is a pain in the you know what National, council, and the local pd will all want to inspect and check what you are doing and give you once and twice over as far as qualifications. These days most parents firearm saftey rule is stay as far away from them as possible this is sad because if it continues we will continue to decline as a nation. Remember the Swiss who managed against all odds to maintain their neutrality in WWII. A 100% armed populace. When asked what would the Swiss do if invaded by a million man German army " shoot twice and go home" seems a mighty boast for a 500,000 person nation. Or is it?

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Cub Scout Sports for Camp Only


Shooting Sports for Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, and Parents in Camp, No. 13-550, has been developed for those who will give guidance to Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts in learning BB-gun and archery shooting-sports skills while in camp.


The Archery belt loop and pin can only be awarded by a BSA range-trained shooting-sports director.

Belt Loop


Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts can earn the archery belt loop by participating in the archery safety program at Cub Scout camp.

from the same web site as the last post.

Archery is not my forte so I left it to the Archery Junior rangemaster who was the archery instructor last summer at summer camp.

Please note that no actual bow pulling seems to be required. They got a lot more than this with us.

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I directed our district day camp 4 years. And for all intents and purpose the unit they are with at camp is a den. We did both BB and Archery belt loops as well as Flag Football. The instructors for these loops always did the discussion with the boys about the safety rules before they were allowed to shoot. Since the only place a Cub can earn BB or Archery is at a Council sponsored event that means either day camp or Cub day. Just like with Boy Scouts the requirements says discuss. We all know that kids of cub age forget a lot of what they discuss within a few hours of hearing it. That is why we go back over it. On the Flag Football the boys had three rotations on that. They practices twice them played, then on parents day had a round robin game. They had a ball.


As for handing out a print out of what they earned at camp. I always did this. This way the leader knew what was done at camp. I always studied the program and tried to see what requirements could be done.

I have been Advancement Chair for both the pack and the troop. One thing we have to remember is BSA policy states that a boy must do no more but no less that what the requirements are. So if they sat at the BB range and talked about the safety rules, they qualify for the requirement.


Last year at summer camp three of my boys earned Nature Merit Badge. I counsel this badge and know what it takes. They were signed off after 3 15 minute sessions. The boys came to me and told me they hadn't done all the requirements. I can't take the badge back, the blue card has been signed by the counselor. So we went over the requirements. I ask them if they would be willing to help me when I was helping someone else on this badge. They liked this. It helped them make sure they had covered the requirements and gave them some leadership skills.

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Hi, all.


I was Field Sports Director at our day camp last year, and Camp Director this year. Many valid observations have been given in this discussion. I take issue with awards being "given away" as they should all be earned. When the list of achievements/electives is sent to the Cubmasters, it contains the following disclaimer:


Attached is a list of achievements and electives your Cub had the opportunity to earn at Day Camp. Please discuss this list with your Cub before signing his handbook.


Not everyone who attends camp completes all the requirements for all activities offered, so the parents need to verify to their satisfaction that the requirements were met. Merely showing up at camp doesn't qualify the Cub for 10 or 20 achievements/electives. Above all, the camp should be safe and fun (keep their interest for another program year so they can come back) and THEN Cubs may also meet some requirements.


Regarding the Archery and BB Gun loops, the pattern we used is to have a safety discussion before the boys can enter the range. First, the Range Director talks. Then everyone reads the safety rules aloud together off a half-sheet of paper each Cub has been given. Then the Cub signs the half-sheet stating that he understands the rules, and that he will leave the range if he breaks the rules. The signed sheets are collected before the Cub enters the range. Then proper form is demonstrated and the Cub gets to shoot. As the Cub shoots, he is given pointers on how to improve his stance, etc. We allow only eight boys to shoot at a time. By the end of the period, I'm comfortable that the boys have met the requirements for the loop. BB Guns follows the same pattern.


Ozarks Osage

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CSLB, Page 31-1-2


This program is supplemental enrichment that compliments the existing CS program. The object is to help CS's learn new skills or improve those already possessed, not to provide an opportunity to earn additional recognition.


Belt Loops are for those completing the three requirements for the sport.


Webelos may earn belt loops and pins a second time to qualify for Webelos activities badges.


All boys may earn belt loops more than once but encourage Scouts to also earn the pins.


Once the boy earns the belt loop, he may complete requirements for a pin.


Other Recognition Items:

The Sports Letter

Pocket certificate

Activity Medal


Participation Emblem

*Trophies and Participation Emblems may also be awarded to adults as well.


So repetition is built into this program (*of non-recognition). FB

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