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Extra Wolf Achievements Appy Toward Electives Arrow Points

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I find it interesting no-one mentioned the BSA Guide to Advancement. I know it's normally used by Boy Scouts, and not Cub Scouts, but if memory serves, this question is specifically addressed in that guide. I'll look to see if I have a copy digitally.

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Page 21 of the 2013 version clearly spells this out....in an example already used in this forum.

2013 version: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf

However, this is also a change from the 2011 version. (on page 17)

2011 version: http://boyscouttrail.com/docs/guidetoadvancement-33088.pdf


Not sure this really helps anyone, but what the books says. (as a point of interest, for our pack, we allow unused parts for Wolf to count for arrow points)

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