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Seton and some Woodcraft Requirements

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I've been reading about Seton's Woodcraft program. Some of the requirements for awards is pretty amazing. Here are a few I found very interesting, these are only one of many requirements to actually recieve the "badge" or "degree":


Identify 100 different birds that you have seen

State whether "mother" is legally "next of kin" to her children in her state.

Explain the difference and likeness between a feminist and a suffragist.

Sleep out 100 nights or 30 consectutive nights.

Make a camp table and 6 chairs from wood.

Give a party for at least 6 people.

Know 25 edible mushrooms.

Rid a house of flies, rats, mice or cockroaches for one month.

Make a journey on foot of at least 100 miles.

Camp in at least 10 different states or countries.

Enter the Artic or Antarctic circle.

Cross the Equator.

Travel at least 100,000 miles by rail or steamship.

Cut, make and harvest 5 acres of hay.

Build a log cabin.


There are many references to "cook a digestable meal".


One "honor" you can work on is "motoring"--- driving a car across the continent, or for a set number of miles.

"Dancer" - know many dances such as minuet, Irish folk dances, Indian dances, Greek dances.

"Taxidermy" and "entertainer" are areas to get awards in.


Possibly the best of all:

Make and run for 7 days a flyless and practically odorless latrine, for "coup"; 30 days for "grand coup".



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