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Do you use a

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I'm try to research the idea of using a "bead" incentive/recognition system for our scout troop. I am told that this is a long standing tradition stretching back to Lord Baden-Powell. I am looking for information to the following questions:


1. What type of program does your group use?


2. Where to you purchase supplies?


3. Can you describe your program - namely for what activities you you make awards?


4. Do you have a "patrol" level recognition/incentive program that supplements your individual scout incentive program?



Appreciate your thoughts.


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Our troop uses the BSA immediate recognition kit #01998. It consists of a leather totem with three leather thongs that hangs from the Scout belt. The three thongs hold white, green, and red beads representing Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class achievements. Each time a Scout completes a rank requirement, he earns a bead, which is presented at a troop meeting. The kit is available at the scout shop, or through the catalog.


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