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Cub Scout Reading Badge (not the Boys Life one)

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I know there is such a thing - even know the requirements (for Cub Scouts, get your library card, read three books, read one book out loud to your family, subscribe to Boys Life) - but I can't find any reference to it anywhere all of a sudden! I had wanted to post a link on our Pack webpage as a FYI, but neglected to bookmark the site that I had originally found and now can't find it again. Any help greatly appreciated!

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It's a Wolf elective. A Cub Scout may work toward earning an arrow point by completing the requirements below. Hope this is what you were looking for.





A. Visit a bookstore, or go to a public library with a grown-up. Find out how to get your own library card. Name four kinds of books that interest you (for example, history, science fiction, how-to-books).

B. Choose a book on a subject you like and read it. With an adult, discuss what you read and what you think about.

C. Books are important. Show that you know how to take care of them. Open a new book the right way. Make a paper or plastic cover for it or another book.

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Found it!!






Obtain a library card from your local library.

Read three books or have someone read three books of your choice to you.

Read a book of your choice with your family.


Cub Scouts and Webelos


Obtain a library card from your local library.

Read three books of your choice.

Read a book aloud with your family.

Subscribe to Boys' Life magazine.


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