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You have to see this scout

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Okay, I do not usually post pictures of scouts that are not my own children on websites.....but I figure this time wil be the exception since :


1) You cannot see his face.

2) I am not telling you his name.


There is no display of council name, unit number, SSN, address, ect


The reason I want you to see thse two pictures are because this NSP scout really impressed me.


Second day of summer camp, this scout - who might be 70 pounds soaking wet in a wool uniform - decided he wanted to try climbing the rock wall.


Well, after he gets 10 feet off the ground, he realizes he is scared of heights. The anchorman gives him a pep talk and some encouragement, and before you know it, he is "slapping the log" at 70 feet off the ground.


Then he climbs the other two sides as well. Gets to the top and slaps those logs too.


If you look to the right side of the picture, you can see that the wall has a 4' outcropping ledge you must get around.


The next day, he goes to the COPE "Tango" tower and climbs all 3 sides of that too.


I have to admit, I am very highly impressed with both his ability and his determination to get to the top as well as his ability to overcome his fear.


THis is a memory of camp we will both always have.




(Only scout in picture)






( scout in red shirt)



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