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pig at summer camp...

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The Troop I hang out with has roasted a pig at summer camp the past few years, the camp has a chili contest on thursday night (cook staff evening off) and so the troops cook in camp. After failing mserably to win the chili contest, the kids decided to eschew the chili contest and we roasted a pig. Had most of the camp staff as guests. Did it a few years in a row until the novelty wore off.


The best part was the "announcements on napkins" the next day where we announced


"The literary guild of Camp Minsi will hold its weekly discussion this afternoon at siesta, this weeks topic, Lord of the Flies: Improbable, Plausible or Possible? , Come to site 6, walk towards the flag pole and turn left at the pigs head set on a pike

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1) Like Rythos said, coordinate with your State/County Health Department. Different rules for different places.


2) Like baschram645 said, pig farms smell. You're going to want this program area in the prevalent downwind!


3) Understand the slaughter will not be on property. This is food for public consumption, and the slaughter will have to be in an approved facility.


4) IIRC, "hog slop" feed is one of the causal factors of trichinosis. If you do this, cook the pork well done by an internal meat thermometer. I suspect Eamonn can give us the correct temp. I won't even guess.

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Far as internal pork temp for completely cooked? Your safe at 165, but that isn't tender juicy BBQ.


I cook my pork shoulders till the bone pulls easily, I think it is about 190-200 depending on the ambient temperature, fat content and age of the pig. I like a nice mop of cider vinegar, franks, crushed red pepper and some brown sugar. Now you done it, gonna have to smoke some this weekend. Sitting here salivating.

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We had a troop at last years Camp-o-ree roast a pig for Saturdays Dinner.

They kind of cheated a bit by buying the pig from a local butcher and cooked it on a spit.

They cooked it most of the afternoon and into the evening, but surprisingly it was very tasty.

I expected it to be either unevenly cooked or overdone, but it was neither.

For the evening campfire the pigs head was mounted on a pike (along with a pineapple crown) and used in their skit (as well as leading the troop to assembly).

Good times.

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Ahhh guys,

You left out the best part, using the pig for the Thursday afternoon "Greased Pig" contest with Pink Floyds "When Pigs Fly" playing over the camp PA system. Just make sure you don't bruise Porky before dinner.


Heck, give Porky a playmate or two. then you can line the heads up on posts or pikes along the path, like my wifes family use to do on butchering day.


Do I hear OA Lodge fundraiser here? August Pig Roast!!!

Our Lodge has a Ox Roast the fouth Saturday of August. Why don't you all come camping?

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