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Rodney Scout Reservation anyone??

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Hello, Our troop from NJ is thinking about coming to Rodney this year. DO you know if there are any sites that are still open? Which sites are good to location of classes for the scouts? How is the food. I see they have some good merit badges. My son wants to do small boat sailing and waterskiing. any thing you can tell me would be great.



committee chairperson

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Unfortunately, I am unsure of camp site openings this summer. I do know that we generally fill up pretty quick and because of that we are adding another week of camp next summer. The best thing for you to do as far as making reservations is to contact the camp and find out from them. The first thing you will learn about Rodney once you arrive is that Rodney is a walking camp. Rodney is huge and program is as centrally located as possible. The food at Rodney in my experience is pretty good and better than the food I got in the college dining hall! As far as dining options are concerned you have two choices. Most of the campers eat at one of the two dinning halls while campers located on Accomac Road recieve heater stack(Food is delivered already cooked and boys and adults eat in the adult cabin where a kitchen/dinning room is located). When I was a camper my troop always did heater stack and I loved it. The only problem with heater stack is you may miss out on some of the "fun" of the mess hall. As far as waterskiing and Small boat sailing goes, I am the best person to talk too! I am the sailing base director at camp. There is no better camp to take sailing merit badge at!! We are located on the chesapeake bay where we have both plenty of water and wind. For the most part the boys will spend their time on Sunfish while learning. However, we like to take them out on Flying Scots and the Hobie Cats which is always an awesome time! Waterskiing is another great badge. It is a very hard merit badge to earn at camp though. If you have any more questions about camp you can always email me at JskBulldogs@juno.com



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