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  1. AdvanceOn THANK YOU for you comments shirley
  2. First of all I am a WOMAN, and I am the Scoutmaster, is there a problem with that. I told the boys that are life scouts that there is a web site where you can get the eagle workbook which is easier to type from. One of the scouts found a web site but it did not work right. So I was trying to find the web site that would work with word. But I couldn't find it myself. So I thought I would ask if any one knew of it. Thank you, Shirley (a woman)
  3. I need to find the Eagle Scout Workbook that is in word document. I can only find pdf form only. thank you shirley
  4. SBL56


    How do you wear the eagle palms on your uniform? We have looked in the scout book but it doesn't say anything about palms thanks shirley
  5. Hello, Our troop from NJ is thinking about coming to Rodney this year. DO you know if there are any sites that are still open? Which sites are good to location of classes for the scouts? How is the food. I see they have some good merit badges. My son wants to do small boat sailing and waterskiing. any thing you can tell me would be great. shirley, committee chairperson
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