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Buying new boats for camp???

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If you're a Reserveration Director, or a Camp Director planning to buy for the first time, or replacing old kayaks take a look at Perception's Swiftys.


These boats are great for the beginner, lightweight (easy to portage), very stable, and trac with little effort. Cost? Not too bad, you can buy 2 for the price of one Old Town 175 canoe, and still have a few dollars left over (they sell at a discount to schools and youth groups).


Also, these boats are great creek runners that are able to handle tech CII's for those with more experiance (beyound this, they tend to swamp out due to the large cockpit).


The only modifications that is needed is simply drilling a few drainage holes in the seat.


Additionally, they can be stacked on end in the back of a pickup, thus precluding the need to buy a boat trailer to haul them to the put in.



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