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Inexpensive Knifes as awards

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I got the Cheaper Than Dirt.com catalog this week. They have 12 pocket knifes with the the scout logo for $12. These are swiss army knife look-a-likes of the executive model.


These seemed to be a cheap way to purchase some items as awards or give aways for leaders meetings or enticements to award boys for doing something.


I have no affiliation with cheaperthandirt.com other than an occaisional customer.




If the above link does not work, go to www.cheaperthandirt.com and search for Catalog Item #: ZBB-541 Click on description for a photo.

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I'd be a little wary. I bought a knife at a dollar store a few years ago for (what else?) a buck or two. It had the half straight / half serrated edge for cutting rope. It's cr*p. (AND it's not Scottish, either.) There's too much give/wobble in the blade, and while it's sharp, it never feels safe the few times I've used it. (I'm too cheap to go spend $20 on a something I'll only use twice a year). So that being said, 12 bucks isn't a bad bargain for 12 knives. I'd say go ahead and order them, but try them out for yourself, and decide from there. I would think a poorly made knife is just as dangerous (if not more so) than a dull one. If it's for the leaders, I think it would make a nice token gesture. They _should_ be smart enough to use it properly.


And I think I've just talked myself into ordering a pack and possibly giving them out to the first place patrol @ the Fall Camporee.



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crappy knives are crappy knives...or, if it looks too good to be true it usually is! Go ahead a flop down twelve bucks and see what they are...inexpensive experiment....


But baving seen the number of truly crappy knives given over the years to boys as "tools" (by their parents even),I can speak to cheap = dangerous. Poor back springs,misaligned spacers, dull blades that need grinders to give them any edge at all, screw driver bits too "coarse" to work in any screw on the planet...and when they compare them to other scouts' blades...instant "PoC" labeling...Have bought some good stuff from "C.T.D." but i would be a bit...ah skeptical...of 'dollar knives".


also, I am hesitant to offer knives as a present or prize to scouts (from the troop, anyway)....other things: para cord/rope, camp cups, cheap flash lights, chemical lights, fire starter kits, nylon possibles bags, hiking socks, fishing lures, work gloves, wet stones, emergency (reflective foil) "blankets", hand warmers/toe heaters, eating implement sets, BSA tooth brush/combs/, almost anything seems higher up on my prize/gift list than cheap knives.


let us know what you find...


Gags, how did your bike hike go?



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I'll ditto Gags reply.

I have had similar experiences with "cheap" knives. Some of them are not worth giving out. Some are positively dangerous. Take a look at them and make sure that they are constructed well enough so as not to be a danger. Is the knife blade a locking blade? If not be sure that the blade stays open and won't accidently close on the fingers of the one using it. One other problem with cheaper knives is the blade generally will not hold an edge, but that gives the scout lots of practice sharpening.


Just my thoughts...



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I'll echo what others have said about cheap knives. I'm not so worried about it falling apart. My concern is that really cheap steel blades may simply never sharpen. The poor boys will spent unreasonable effort trying to sharpen them but it just won't happen.


Right now the best deals I can come up with on folding knives are the Opinels (a French knife - not high on the "cool" factor though) for about $10-$12, and the more modern Ka-Bar/Dozier Folding knives for about $20 (There are several models: Spear, Hunter, Clip Point). Do a search for "Dozier" on http://www.kabar.com . My plan is to get my son a Ka-Bar/Dozier Folding Spear.


The only really nice "cheaper than dirt" type thing I've found out there that actually works very well are the "IN-20/45" whistles for $2.95 per dozen at http://www.orientaltrading.com . They are honestly as loud as my good Fox 40 and WindStar whistles. Get a bunch for your boys if going into the woods!!

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Opinels are WONDERFUL knives! easy to put a edge on, simple twist blade lock... I love mine! (and I think it is really cool...in a minimalist sort of way...And I love my Ka bars, my bucks, my 35 yr old swiss army knife, my leatherman wave, my old timers, my rapallas...quality is hard to beat!

there seems to be a common idea here...but heck...you might just fine they are good bait knives to give away on fishing trips....


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"bait knives"


Are those the ones so cheap that you fasten a treble hook to one end, tie the line onto the other, cast it out to see if any fish will bite? ;-)


I'll have to admit that my most cherished knife is a cheap give-away advertizing knife that my Dad gave me as my first knife. It is a little yellow two-blade that has inscribed on the side "Phillips 66 Good Neighbor - 1969". Yup, a 26-year old cheap knife that simply will not take an edge ... that I wouldn't trade for anything.

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