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spair parts for backpacks

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Some name brand manufacturers would probaboly supply you with parts --- perhaps at no charge.


Otherwise if you belong to a Troop they may have spare backpacks you could salvage for parts. Or look for a used backpack at a thrift shop.



I did about 3,ooo miles of backpacking with my Kelty backpack over the years ---- very little wear, really.



What parts do you need and who is the manufacturer?

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it is an old pack from when I was a scout in '79. now my son is in need of a pack. it is a "Camp Way" external frame and it is the shoulder strap pads that need replaced (basic strap with pad and with grommets on each end and adjusters in the middle) I tried google on the brand with no hits. what i did find for straps cost more than some of the new packs on the market. go figure.

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I just bought a replacement 2" side release buckle for my hip belt at a local sewing/craft store. You could probably find some of the other things you are looking for there as well.


If you need heavy duty sewing done, I have had luck with shoe repair businesses. I once had a leather strap on a duluth-type pack replaced by one. I would imagine they could also sew the multiple layers of webbing that are too heavy for a home sewing machine.

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