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Favorite Mess Kit Recipe

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Oooh, ooooh, ooooh, I get to hijack my own thread.


What's your favorite mess kit recipe?


The one I always use to impress the boys:


ZipLock bag #1


1 boneless pork chop, cut up into pieces.

1 small union, chopped up into pieces

1 pat of butter (or wee bit of oil)

Salt and pepper to taste


ZipLock Bag #2


1/2 c. Minute rice (adjust to appetite, could go up to 1 c.) Use equal amounts of water/rice. Add your salt to the bag.


ZipLock Bag #3


1 sm. jar of sweet/sour sauce. Open jar toss into bag directly, seal well.


Ziplock Bag #4


After getting all the air out of ZipLocks 1-3, put into 4th bag with cooking instructions and squeeze the air out of it.


Cooking Instructions:


Dump ZipLock #1 into fry pan. Brown contents.


Bring water to boil. If you boil too much water, don't worry just pour it off later.


Dump ZipLock #2 into boiling water, take off fire, cover and let sit 5 minutes.


Dump Ziplock #3 into fry pan to warm up


Dump drained rice onto plate.


Dump sauce and pork over it.


Whittle two chop sticks. (pun intended)


Knock yourself out!


And you thought the dried out foil dinners were easy! This process should take about half the time as foil dinners. The double plastic bags on everything makes it safe in a pack. On a 2-3 day trip, I put ice in 4th bag to keep cold to extend a day, wrap in clothing which is in a ziplock of it's own. When it's melted, just pour the water into your drinking bottle. If the bag leaks on your cloths, just dry them out, it's only water.



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