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Cutting food & campsite costs

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Can't offer much that hasn't been said, but I concur the cost associated with meals/camporees are about right-on with the Troop I serve (ASM).


The one suggestion I seem to keep bubbling up is the "why do they want the same camp food over and over?"


The Answer: because that what the Scouts (or Crew) choose, which is good enough.


And it works for the style of camping they most often do (Camporee/Trailer Camping).


A couple patrols have "themed" outings to prepare for "more primitive" campouts by skipping coolers and full patrol boxes" with competent but varied meals. Surprising to some (Scouts and Leaders) the food costs for these outings are almost always 30% under budget. Some menu's from these "themed" outings make it back to standard fare once they see how easy cleanup is.


That's when it gets interesting and more fun IMO.

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Pastas and grains are shelf-stable, but they do attract bugs. If you plan to store them, make sure you have sealed containers. Otherwise, bring in one box or bag with a weevil or two and say bye-bye to all of it.


This happened to us twice in my home pantry before we went out and bought $150 in seal-able containers.

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Have an adult "take" the scouts shopping and teach them how to comparson shop. I once sawy three of our scouts haggling over which hot dogs to buy for nearly 30 minutes.


The patrol sets a budget and cannot exceed it. That and some price knowledge go far.


Shop off price places-dollar stores, outlets, Aldi and Save A Lot are great for campout food.


Our troop has tried, with very limited succeess to have each patrol keep a rubbermaid bin with non-perishable essentials. Condiments are also a challenge. I think buying a big bag of ketchup and mustard packets from a restaurant supply house would work well. Don't have to worry about storage or going bad.


Single serving packs are very expensive-Bulk is cheaper but requires more care and work-Single serve might be a worth the extra money in some cases.


BTW, I wish we could pull off a campout for $10.00. You guys are doing great.

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