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Researching New Tents for Troop

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Thanks Hal.


I appreciate the kind words.


I also saw your post about Taking Chance. I saw the last half of the movie last week while traveling for work. It was incredible.


Thank you for the service your father rendered to our Republic.

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Our troop has used the Eureka Timberline Outfitter tents for years. We have some from the mid-80's that will be retired this weekend at a troop work day. We will be putting into service an equal number of Timberlines.


For Jamboree, the council has finally been convinced to quit using the BSA wall tents in favor of Alps Mountaineering tents that will be sold off after Jamboree. For long term use, they are not as durable as the Eureka Timberlines, but will do fine for their intended purpose. For anyone wondering why we are getting away from the wall tents, here is the reason. Yes, they look really cool.....when they are set up correctly. Our experience in 2005 was that the boys (despite training) just didn't put the effort into setting them up correctly or provide the care they required of tightening and loosening when it rained. It took hours and hours to get camp set up while the troops with dome tents were set up and enjoying the Jambo within 45 minutes. The two pole dome tents are just easier to set up and maintain and you basically can't make the campsite look bad from poorly set up tents and dining flys. Plus, the area you are given isn't very big and with wall tents, you have guy lines literally everywhere.


Sorry to derail the thread. The main thrust was that I believe the heavier duty outfitter model of the Eureka Timberline to be superior to Alps tents. It just depends on how much you can afford to spend.

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