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Are hiking boots necessary?

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>>I use a pair of knee high womens nylon stockings ($.99) first, then a pair of Kmart mens nylon dress socks (3@$3.99) followed by a pair of Kmart mens polyester dress socks(3@$3.99). The nylon allows my foot to move slightly and eliminates blisters, for me. The nylon dress socks wick perspiration and the polyester socks cushion to a degree.

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Old Mr Getzloff (Gizmo of Gizmo's Backpacking Store), Reseda/Van Nuys, CA told my Troop about using nylons as part of a shoe/sock system back in 1969. Longhaul has it right, this is a technique that works. :)


Thanks for renewing a proven technique, LH! :)



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I have been wearing Nevados for about the last 6 years for not only hiking but for work. I own an auto repair shop and am on concrete all day. Had been having trouble with my legs cramping and my feet getting really tired. My doctor told me to change from sports shoes to hiking boots. I did and it has made all the difference in the world.

They aren't expensive, aroung $30.00. They hold up to oil, transmission fluid and all the other crud you tramp through in the shop. They are also very comfortable hiking.

In fact I only own one pair of tennis type shoes now and have about 4 pair of boots.


One other thing. When I get a pair of new boots I always put them on, stand in a tub of warm water then wear the boots until they are dry. When they dry they fit your foot. Started doing that some 50 years ago when I was breaking and training horses. That is how my dad made us break in our boots. Never have had a pair of boots that gave me blisters.(This message has been edited by Lynda J)

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I understand that Philmont is not just a weekend trip, and that is why I wanted input on boots. I finally settled on a nice pair of boots I found at Sports Authority on sale at half off. That's definently the way to do it--just keep looking around until you find a pair on sale that fit. Also today, with my new boots, I went out into the woods and hiked with a fully loaded pack 5 or so miles up and down a few hundred feet of elevation (up, then around, then down, then around, then up, then down, and I was done). I worked on breaking in my boots and conditioning, and there will be more of that to come. Thanks for all the support and help from everyone!



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