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Need Clarification on Webelos Overnight Camping

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The YP video, YP on-line training, and Safety Video of New leader essentials all say Leagal Guardian. Guardian is a legal term, is is a court ordered protector. The BSA training resources speak of a "supervising adult" for activities but says "parent or guardian" for who can be in the tent. If the adult supervisor was all that was needed there would be no need to distinguish between the two.


If you still are unbelieving please call your council executive before you make a grave error.





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"In most cases, the Webelos Scout will be under the supervision of his parent. If a parent cannot attend, the boy's family must arrange for another youth's parent (but not the Webelos leader) or other adult to be his parent substitute on the campout. It is essentials the each Webelos Scout be supervised by an adult. Parent substitutes may supervise on one Webelos Scout in addition to their own son

Webelos Leader Guide, pg. 21"

The G2S2 is a more recent publication and cites the current rules.


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