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jumpstarting a troop

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Thanks for the feedback. The troop is only a couple of years old, it was started by the SM so my guess is he plans on sticking around. For the most part we work OK together, at times he seems to want to impose his will on certain things but for the most part he plays by the rules. He has annoyed a number of other people though, including a couple of very good ASM's who have left for good over disagreements about how the money is handled. This is one of my problems as well; in my previous pack we used money mgmt. software and a report was produced every committee meeting, as well as made available to all parents. In this troop the Treasurer does it all by hand so we do not get reports often, I do keep asking for them and have even volunteered to help set up the software to use them. I do not try to run anything in the troop that I should not run, I believe the boys should plan their own activities, etc. I do offer a lot of suggestions for service projects, activities, etc, and ask the PLC what they need from us.


I understand what you say about building trust with the parents. I went through this with the pack, it took a while and eventually they came around and now there are a lot of ready and willing adult committee members there. What I see in this troop (my son and I have been in it about 6 months) is that a lot of trust was lost before we joined - money issues, lack of communication, planning one thing and doing another, personality conflicts between adults. I am trying to smooth things as much as possible.


Our older boys are actually great, the younger ones really look up to them when they are around. It would be cool if when they turn 18 they will become ASM's.


My hope is to help build things to the point that the Webelos will want to join this troop. I know if they do, a lot of good adults will come along and build the committee. Quite honestly, I worked so hard with the pack that I was hoping Boy Scouts would provide a breather...I thought, 'boy run! no more planning derbies and regattas and menus and den meetings...'. I'm not burnt out but sure wish things were smoother! As long as my son enjoys it we will stay with the troop and perservere!

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