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National Camping School Patch Placement

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I know and understand that the National Camping School Patch is a temporary patch but I have noticed a bunch of people wearing it above the right pocket. The funny thing is I've seen this for many years, 15 to be exact. Is this only in my council or is this a nation wide thing? Here is a link if anybody does not know what I am talking about, http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/InsigniaGuide/10N.aspx(This message has been edited by bayou beaver)

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Now I am taking a guess, but if it is has a blue background, then that is the CS version from the past ( 60s or 70s anyone?) that would be worn by female leaders. And that would go above the BSA strip.


Actually according to the latest uniform inspection sheet found here



Temporary insignia, including one current world Scout jamboree

patch, centered on pocket. Only one temporary insignia

may be worn at a time, and they are not required for correct

uniforming. Cub Scout leaders and female leaders, wearing

the official uniform shirt or blouse may wear one temporary

insignia centered above the Boy Scouts of America strip.


Please be advised that according to the inspection sheet, the "official uniform shirt" refers to the ODl uniform, while "official shirt" refers to the centennial uniform.


So technically ANY CS leader, and all female leaders irregardless of program can wear a temp insignia n the jamboree spot in the ODL uniform, but not the centennial uniform.


Also no mention of female ventureres in regards to the patch question, and they may also haev the same problem some of the female leaders have.(This message has been edited by eagle92)

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