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I'd like to start a high adventure posting, mainly due to our Troop's plans to hike the Greenstone Ridge Trail on Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior.


Have any you done this and could you share your experiences? We've got location in our favor by living in Wisconsin so travel is not a factor. I'd like to know more about Troops' experiences hiking Isle Royale and any other similiar trails. Thanks for the help.

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Thanks a lot for the website. It's very informative and has lots of information on the trail, the campsites and the island in general. We're really looking forward to the practice, the planning, and, of course, the trip itself.


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Glad to help.


Y'all might want to check out www.thebackpacker.com

There are a large amount of folks there that have online trip reports that can be of HUGE help to any troop interested in good locations for high adventure trips. Go to the "trail talk" section many folks post trip reports as they happen. If you don't see much then click on the "trail talk today" link. When you get that page down on the lower left hand side is a link to "Phil's photo page of trail talk regulars" on that page there are links to many of the users personal sites and most of them contain great info.


I know it sound convoluted but it's worth an afternoon or two if for nothing else than looking for cool outdoors photos. I personally love to read well done trip reports. Kinda makes me feel like I'm there.

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