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Was it the uniform?

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Last night, my son's elementary school had its end of the year picnic. Lots of kids, big and small, moon bounce, DJ, hot dogs, dunk tank, fire truck, etc. A scene of fun chaos. I was in my Cubmaster's uniform, because we had a pack recruiting table at the event. I was walking around near the play equipment with my toddler daughter, and a mom came up to me. Her little boy--three years old, autistic, non-verbal--was missing. Would I help her find him?


Of course I did, mobilizing my three older boys, fanning out over the grounds while the woman's sister ran up to the DJ to make a "lost child" announcement. My middle son (who is himself on the autism spectrum) found a child in a few minutes--happily bouncing in the moon bounce. Mother and toddler were reunited.


Why did the woman approach me? There were plenty of adults milling about. I just figured it was because I was nearby and I also had a 3-year-old with me.


My husband, however, says that it's simple: I was wearing a Scout uniform, and everyone knows that when you need help, you look for the person in uniform.


What do you think? Have you had any heartwarming experiences while in uniform?



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Thats a great story, would make a great Scoutmaster minute! I believe your husband is right. A Scout is Helpful, and Friendly. I would like to think that people do recognize that Scouts are people who enjoy to serve and lend a helping hand. Do a Good Turn Daily is something we live by and it's nice to see it in action. Thanks for sharing.



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Your husband is right. People see the uniform.

Kids are taught if they are in trouble find someone in a uniform. I have many times at stores when a child is lost had a kid come up to me if I an in my Scout Uniform. It is a nice feeling if trust.


Kevin and I stopped at an Jazz fest on the way home one Saturday. We were both in uniform. He went to the bathroom and there was a little boy crying. He went over to the kid and ask if his mom or dad had gotten lost. They had. Kevin took the kid to the lost area. One man commented that he had tried to help the little boy but he would scream every time he got close to him. But he just put his and in Kevin's/ He had walked away from mom when she was getting food and walked to the row of porta potties by himself, they both were frantic.

But I do believe the uniform makes a big difference

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I think it was a combination of the uniform and the mother's notion of what type of person would be wearing that uniform. She needed help, she needed it now and saw you as a person who would not refuse to give it. Would any uniform have elicitted the same reaction? I choose to think not. I think people still see us (Scouts and Scouters)as an organization that does good things.


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